Alien Isolation is now extremely cheap

Last week saw Alien Day, a meaningless holiday. But attached to that meaningless celebration was a very big discount, and still valid, for Alien Isolation.

Until tonight, you can get your hands on Alien Isolation for only 1.85 euros. If you have never had the opportunity to button it up, then you will have a great horror experience.

Alien Isolation is a game in which you will control Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who is looking for answers. But these answers come attached to the fangs and claws of a xenomorph that you will have to avoid. An enemy controlled by an AI who tries hard to look for you, to smell you, to feel you and to make you porridge. It guarantees you some wonderful terrifying sensations.

Then you can find the AvP game from 10 years ago at a reduced price. It’s not as good as Alien Isolation. It’s not as bad as the Aliens Colonial Marines. And that game is cheap, but I don’t recommend you play it.

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