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PUBG adds bots to console games

PUBG adds bots to console games to make the game easier

Battle Royale games tend to be quite difficult to learn, and at the moment, PUBG is one of the most difficult. Dedicated players know the game like the back of their hand, but for those who are just starting out, it can often be frustrating. To make the experience more enjoyable for new players, the producers decided to implement bots. These will be quite easy to take down, so beginners will have the chance to learn how to do it.

How do boots work? – Official Changelog

Movement – In a normal PUBG match, players traverse a variety of relief areas, including open fields, cities and even mountains. The movements of the muzzles will be controlled with the help of predefined networks. These are the kind of limits that artificial intelligence cannot cross. For each map, large or small, the development team worked hard to prevent the bots from falling from high edges or doing stupid things. With these navigation guides, the bots will choose the most efficient route to the destination.
Fights – PUBG players fight at all distances. Either they empty an entire building, or they fight at a distance with a Kar98k. Regardless of distance, a crucial factor that makes the PUBG shooting system so funny is the physics of the bullets. Instead of bots relying solely on probability to hit a target, they will also take into account the behavior of the bullets. This system is tuned to make the boots somewhat difficult, without being too much of a challenge for beginners.

Looting – Equipment is crucial in PUBG, so bots will generate some loot when they die. But if they have too many objects, they can ruin the balance of matches. Also, if they have too little there is a chance that towards the end of the match they will feel less realistic. Game analysts and designers analyzed the data on the servers to understand how much loot players normally collect and what kind of objects they keep or throw away. With this data, the bots know how to choose their equipment quite well, so you will see bots fighting an SMG nearby, and then switch to a rifle for long-distance combat.

Better players will not encounter bots in PUBG

If you are a slightly more upbeat PUBG player, you don’t have to worry. The bots are removed as your MMR increases. For now, the bots will only be introduced on the console version of the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they appear on the PC if they prove useful. It’s good to see such changes, especially since so far, Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds has not been the most welcoming game possible. At the same time, bots could ruin the balance of lower ranks if not properly implemented. After all, the charm of a Battle Royale game is the people and the different game modes they have.

PUBG adds bots to console games

Horizon Zero Dawn will become a trilogy

Horizon Zero Dawn will become a trilogy and the next game in the series is already underway

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most successful games from Sony of the current generation of consoles. In the three years since its launch, the game has sold 10 million copies. This number is even more impressive when we consider that it was only released on PlayStation 4. We already know that it will be released on PC in the summer, but a new report from Video Game Chronicle gives us some even more interesting information: Guerilla Games he wants to turn the series into a trilogy.

According to VGC sources, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will offer players a gigantic world and will also introduce a co-op mode. I’ve heard about cooperative mode in HZD before, as Guerilla wanted to include such a mode in the first game, but gave up to focus on its key aspects.

It seems that the development process of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 began shortly after the launch of the first game and should have been released on PlayStation 4. However, it seems that the development team’s attention has shifted to the next generation of consoles. Apparently there were plans to launch a demo for the new game, which would highlight the co-op aspect, but it is not known if we will have the opportunity to get our hands on it.

PlayStation 5 + Horizon Zero Dawn 2 = Launch hard ?!
Of course, being information from sources, we can not be 100% sure that everything we found out is real, but VGC has proven to be a reliable source. Also, the information seems plausible, especially since Guerilla Games did not keep their plans for Horizon Zero Dawn so secret. I found out about its launch on PC long before the official announcement.

This makes me wonder: will Horizon Zero Dawn 2 be one of the great launch games for PlayStation 5? Details like “a huge world” would be a good opportunity to show what the new generation of consoles can do and a way for Sony to put SSDs to work. Even if the Japanese didn’t give much information about the new console, almost all the leaks on the internet came true. For this reason, I already believe that the coolest gaming combination of the coming years will be PC + PS5.

Shogun 2 Total War is free tonight

Since almost everyone lives in the house, it probably wouldn’t hurt to start some war with some total war. And from tonight you will be able to do this without buying Shogun 2 Total War, because it will be free.

Get Shogun 2 Total War for free!

Creative Assembly announces that it wants to help you more easily bear the state in the house by offering the game in question to all those interested, in the version that you can find on Steam. From tonight you will be able to download and play as much as you want. If you get your hands on it until May 1st, Shogun 2 will remain permanently attached to your Steam account, and you’ll be able to button and reboot it whenever you want until you get tired of it, or miss the weather in which the armies were not thick.

If this kind of quenches your thirst to see what the whole series has to offer, then you will also have a price reduction for everything that Total War means. Okay, not everything. The first Rome Total War is not included, which continues to be superior to the second and somehow works worse than it. Also absent will be the recent Three Kingdoms and both Total Warhammers.

Fortnite arrives on the Google Play Store

Epic finally gave up

Epic Games’ attempt to create a digital distribution service for Android, which does not charge a 30% Google fee, does not seem to go well. After more than a year in which it defied the big G, Epic has given up, and Fortnite is currently listed and available for download on the Google Play Store.

Epic explained his decision in the following statement:

Google creates a disadvantage for downloaded software outside the Google Play Store through technical and business measures such as scary and repetitive pop-ups for downloading and updating software, restrictive agreements with phone manufacturers and phone network operators, Google characterizing third-party software as a source of malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect that completely blocks software obtained outside the Google Play Store.

Simply put, it’s hard.

Limiting or warning the user that installing a program from a source other than the Google Store is a necessary measure to reduce malware infection. After all, you can’t expect all the two billion or so Android phones in use to be used by someone who always knows exactly what he’s doing.

This is a pretty big problem, which Google has decided to address by blowing in yogurt. And this obviously has a negative effect on software that is not sold directly by Google. Sure, a user who really knows what he’s doing won’t be affected, but we’re talking about Fortnite, a game for kids (and parents who will inevitably get scared when they see a pop-up they can’t read).

How will this affect Epic’s plans to launch its own Android store, through which to sell games to other developers? It is not clear. All I can tell you is that when Valve was in a similar situation it created its own operating system.

XCOM 2 can be played for free right now

XCOM 2 can be played for free for a week

Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you want to protect humanity from an alien invasion? Eh, you came too late. Do you want to lead a guerrilla force fighting the occupation that keeps humanity under its sprawling boot? Then you got it right.

The basic version of XCOM 2 (without a hyphen) is available for free on Steam for a whole week. The game will NOT remain yours after this promotion expires, but in a week you have time to play it very, very much. Then, you can either buy it for about 13 euros, or you can take its expansion in a package of about 29 euros.

With expansion, the game will be expanded and improved in many ways. But even without it, the XCOM 2 is diverse enough to compensate for the fact that its main operating mechanics continue to be fundamentally flawed and a complete betrayal of the original idea. That you were fighting using the same rules as the enemy who was numerically, tactically and technologically superior to you. Here the enemy must still receive a free round to stand a chance, and the alien forces are separated into small groups that you “trigger”. However, at least the stealth system still gives you the feeling that you are not playing an MMO in turns.

Anyway, the game is really good. I say this with all sincerity. I had fun in it. But I don’t recommend playing it in Iron Man Mode.

Warship Battle 3D World War II Hack – Tips to get Gold

Warship Battle 3D World War II Hack , Cheats & Tips to obtain gold for free

What is Warship Battle 3D World War II? You may wonder. Warship Battle 3D World War II is a an action game published by Joycity in June 28, 2015. The game is available on Android and iOS.

An overview to Warship Battle 3D World War II Hack

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Features advertised:

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Exciting news for the over 70 million players of Gunship Battle! Take the fight to the seas in WARSHIP BATTLE, a 3D warship action game, with missions inspired by the historic naval clashes of World War II. Through the USS Arizona to the HMS Bulldog, manage genuine World War II era vessels and steer them through epic naval battles to glorious victory!

Game Features

  • Top quality 3D graphics despite compact application size.
  • Fast paced naval battles with genuine warships from the World War II era.
  • Customize your warships with different weapons and parts to gain the fight.
  • Hidden missions predicated on real WWII naval fights.
  • No network connection is necessary after downloading this game.

This game is FTP, nevertheless, you can pick to pay real cash for special in-game items.