Coin Master Hack – Tips to get spins and coins faster

Coin Master Hack, Cheats & Tips to Beat Your Friends

Ahhh … Coin Master, a very nice slots game where you earn coins and build villages. At the beginning of the game, you will probably advance really fast and build the villages quite quickly, but after a certain level the villages become more expensive and take some time before you reach the next village. For general tips and tricks read below this article about Coin Master Hack. There are several ways to play this easy game, so either follow our game plan or add a lot of friends from their Facebook group that you can plunder daily :), this way you’ll enjoy it even more about this game!

Coin Master Hack

After we searched for a while a working Coin Master spin hack and method to obtain spins, we found some interesting website. This kind of web app is available right now for free, we also have cheat methods like Coin Master hack, Coin Master apk mods, Coin Master iOS cheats to various Coin Master cheat codes. Today we will show you a quick guide on how to get spins using this online web app. Well, before we start as a disclaimer, you need to know that we are not affiliated with the website presented bellow. The website was found on Google & tested so you can see how this will work.

Coin Master Daily Spins

Coin Master Daily Spins

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Tips and tricks for the Coin Master in 2020

How to send more than 5 cards per day: Change the phone date to settings 24 hours in advance.

Animal Feeding: When you feed a pet and do not want to use it, select a different pet. The stopwatch will stop and the pet will remain active.

How to get rare cards: Some players offer free rare cards to groups on Facebook. When you get one or more, you will begin to complete the collection more easily.

Bet more: when you have a few dozen spins the super bet will activate. If you have less than 100 spins I recommend you to play x5, and if you have more than 100, you can play x10 or more depending on your preference.

Village building in Coin Master

The main objective in this section is to build villages to increase in level. With each village built, the next one will be more expensive than the previous one.

For example: Say you are in village 113 – Oktoberfest, the cost of the first star on the last line is 200,000. Multiply that number by 30 and you’ll see that you need 6 billion coins to fully build the village at that level. Remember, never keep the coins in your account, because every time someone will find you steal them from the safe. If you need more spins ensure that you enter the game daily to collect the bonuses offered.

Attacks and raids, Choose Foxy

Besides spins, you can get coins by attacking other players or friends. We even have special events for this, such as: “Ultra Attack”. You can also steal coins from other players by looting villages. In the beginning you will receive a pet, a Foxy fox that will give you a bonus in the raid depending on the level it is. Use these things to your advantage!

Collect the cards, complete the sets

In this game you mainly need spins. You will receive 6 every hour. You can get more spins by completing the card sets. Each set contains 9 cards that you must obtain from chests, events or by trading with other players. Depending on the rarity, each completed set offers you spines, potted pet and pet snacks, some even pets.

Use your pet, it’s to your advantage

Coin Master offers you 3 Foxy, Tiger and Rhino pets that will help you all the time. The first unlocked animal will be Foxy, and then depending on your luck, Tiger or Rhino will follow. To hatch them from the egg you must complete the set of cards for the animal. These animals will help you get more coins or defend your village for as long as they are active.

Coin Master Collect Daily Spins

Daily there are various events from which you can get spins, coins, xp and food for animals. Play them, but wisely.

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