Fortnite arrives on the Google Play Store

Epic finally gave up

Epic Games’ attempt to create a digital distribution service for Android, which does not charge a 30% Google fee, does not seem to go well. After more than a year in which it defied the big G, Epic has given up, and Fortnite is currently listed and available for download on the Google Play Store.

Epic explained his decision in the following statement:

Google creates a disadvantage for downloaded software outside the Google Play Store through technical and business measures such as scary and repetitive pop-ups for downloading and updating software, restrictive agreements with phone manufacturers and phone network operators, Google characterizing third-party software as a source of malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect that completely blocks software obtained outside the Google Play Store.

Simply put, it’s hard.

Limiting or warning the user that installing a program from a source other than the Google Store is a necessary measure to reduce malware infection. After all, you can’t expect all the two billion or so Android phones in use to be used by someone who always knows exactly what he’s doing.

This is a pretty big problem, which Google has decided to address by blowing in yogurt. And this obviously has a negative effect on software that is not sold directly by Google. Sure, a user who really knows what he’s doing won’t be affected, but we’re talking about Fortnite, a game for kids (and parents who will inevitably get scared when they see a pop-up they can’t read).

How will this affect Epic’s plans to launch its own Android store, through which to sell games to other developers? It is not clear. All I can tell you is that when Valve was in a similar situation it created its own operating system.

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