Kick the Buddy Forever Hack – Tips to Get Free Gems and Coins

Kick the Buddy Forever Hack Apk Mod – How to Get Free Gems and Coins

Kick The Buddy: Forever includes plenty of weapons with which to torture the Buddy doll with – more so than in earlier Kick the Buddy mobile games, and there are as much methods to earn weapons as there are to utilize them. While some of them can appear prohibitively expensive, you can get actually every weapon in free of charge (without spending hardly any real money) for some reason or another.

Firearms List + Price

  • Beretta – 500 coins
  • M16 – Watch five videos ads or pay 200 gems to get it
  • SPAS-12 – 300 gems. Gems can be obtained for free from many sources. Ex: Daily prize or card bonus
  • AK47 – 3,000 coins
  • Uzi – 2,500 coins
  • M134 Mini gun – 500 gems
  • Taser – 4,000 coins
  • Golden AK47 – 8,000 coins
  • Flamethrower – Card bonuses exclusivity
  • Thompson (Tommy Gun) – 6,000 coins
  • Golden Mini gun – 800 gems
  • Golden Uzi – 10,000 coins

Melle Weapons List + Price

  • Mace – 1,000 coins
  • Katana – 6,000 coins
  • Chainsaw – Get it From Card bonus
  • Buzzsaw – 240 gems
  • Buddy’s Pan – Card reward only
  • Shuriken – 100 gems
  • Frost Axe – 9,000 coins
  • Mjolnir – Login bonus, login in for three days in a row
  • Golden Mace – 5,000 coins
  • Bow – 2,000 coins
  • Whip – Card reward
  • Dark Scythe – 4,000 coins
  • Balalaika – Watch 10 ad videos for this one
  • Statue – 10,000 coins
  • Lab Flask – 2,300 coins
  • Golden Shuriken – 200 gems
  • Chainsword – 2,500 coins
  • Harpoon – 3,000 coins

Explosives Weapons List + Price

  • F1 Grenade – Card reward
  • Bazooka – “Subscribe” to game’s Instagram to obtain it
  • Land Mine – 500 coins
  • Black Bomb – 2,500 coins
  • Plasma Grenade – 5,000 coins for this
  • Molotov cocktail – 2,500 coins
  • Golden Grenade – 5,000 coins
  • Airstrike – 500 gems.
  • TNT – 400 gems
  • Tank – 400 gems
  • Matryoshka Bomb – 7,000 coins
  • Fuel Tank – 400 gems
  • Nuclear Bomb – 800 gems
  • Black Mine – 2,000 coins
  • Mega Bomb – 20,000 coins
  • Holy Grenade – Watch 20 ad videos to get it
  • Monkey Bomb – 4,500 coins
  • Semtex – 5,000 coins
  • Nuclear Weapon – 1,000 gems
  • Needle Bomb – Logging into the game for two days in a row

Nano Weapons List + Price

  • Plasma Gun – 10,000 coins
  • Self-made Robot – 21,000 coins
  • Brotato Gun – 300 gems
  • Droid – Watch 60 ad videos to obtain it
  • Adrenaline Gun – 6,000 coins
  • Space Laser – 8,000 coins
  • Alien Blaster – Card reward
  • Mars Rover – 500 gems
  • Drone – 600 gems
  • Teleport – 200 gems

Cheat Codes for Kick the Buddy Forever

Let’s discuss a bit about cheats for Kick the Buddy Forever. Many players are asking themselves how you can really get extra gems and coins by specific codes inputs? However, this is simply not a possibility, because there are in-game purchases in Kick the Buddy Forever. Where you can purchase benefits and the possibility to get gems and coins for real money, with which you are able to then buy all kinds of things.

There are hacks in the web even for Kick the Buddy Forever, that promise unlimited gems and coins. This we usually do not recommend, because often they are provided as an APK archive, which then are infested with virus or trojan and will cause much damage on your own device.

Kick the Buddy Forever Apk Mod

Kick the Buddy Forever Apk Mod

The only impediment would be lack of online connectivity, security, and lack of updates. To install a modded application all you have to do is search on Google Kick the Buddy Forever hack apk mod. Be careful, sketchy apk files may contain malware or adware. So be very careful and read the comments on the page where you download the apk file.

How to install APK files on your Android device?

APK files can be installed from your browser on your Android smartphone or tablet. Open a browser, search for Kick the Buddy Forever apk mod you want to download, and tap it. When downloading is starting, you will see a notification on the top bar of your device. Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap the APK file, and tap Yes when prompted. The game app will start installing on your device.

Android 7 and bellow: You must go to Settings -> Security -> Tick the ‘Unknown Sources‘ option to enable APK files installations from other sources than Google Play.

Android 8 and above: From Android 8 (Oreo) Google do things a little differently. Instead of checking a global setting to allow installations from unknown sources, you’ll be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you attempt to do so.

Kick the Buddy Forever Online Hack Review

A lot of people are today playing Kick the Buddy Forever game. They all love this game because of it’s ultimate graphics and fun gameplay. It is the trend of today’s online games that you need virtual currency of games to utilize game winning resources. Similarly, in Kick the Buddy Forever you need tokens to get latest stuff for your character. You can either purchase coins by using real money or you can try Kick the Buddy Forever hack to get gems.

Kick the Buddy Forever hack online web app is an open software that allow you to get free gems and coins in your game. This web app is free to use and receive daily updates from us. Our software is specially coded to use an anti-cheat bypass, so we can give you a daily number of gems without banning your account. So our program is 100% free and safe to use.


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