Shogun 2 Total War is free tonight

Since almost everyone lives in the house, it probably wouldn’t hurt to start some war with some total war. And from tonight you will be able to do this without buying Shogun 2 Total War, because it will be free.

Get Shogun 2 Total War for free!

Creative Assembly announces that it wants to help you more easily bear the state in the house by offering the game in question to all those interested, in the version that you can find on Steam. From tonight you will be able to download and play as much as you want. If you get your hands on it until May 1st, Shogun 2 will remain permanently attached to your Steam account, and you’ll be able to button and reboot it whenever you want until you get tired of it, or miss the weather in which the armies were not thick.

If this kind of quenches your thirst to see what the whole series has to offer, then you will also have a price reduction for everything that Total War means. Okay, not everything. The first Rome Total War is not included, which continues to be superior to the second and somehow works worse than it. Also absent will be the recent Three Kingdoms and both Total Warhammers.

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