Star Wars: Battlefront 2 makes way for the new Battlefield that will appear in 2021

DICE has announced that Battle of Scarif will be the last update for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as the studio will focus on a new game. EA later confirmed that DICE will release a new Battlefield title in 2021. Also, Battlefield 5 will not receive major updates after June.

The DICE team is working on a standalone update for Battlefield 5 that will be released this summer. He also works at Community Games. Even if the studio’s vision for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is complete with the release of Battle of Scarif, don’t worry. Servers, in-game challenges, scheduled events, and game support will continue to function normally. We want to please our players for many years. In the long run, the studio is focusing on the next Battlefield game to be released in 2021.

Dennis Brannvall, Creative Director, DICE

At this point, it’s unclear whether Battlefield 5 or Battlefront 2 will join the other EA games released by EA. One thing is for sure though; this information confirms some older rumors that talked about a new BF through 2021-2022.

What’s new in the Battle of Scarif update?

The Battle of Scarif update will add a new tropical location from Rogue One in several game modes. In addition, he will add skins for characters based on The Rise of Skywalker: Rey with a yellow sword, Kylo Ren with his new mask and a new version of Emperor Palpatine. If you make 5,000 kills with Darth Maul, you will complete his Old Master skin (including mechanical legs). Also, if you “discover the secret on Takodana” you will receive Rey’s hooded skin.

Offline solo players will have access to the game’s co-op modes, along with AI bots. They will have access to all locations, and the option can be found in the Instant Action menu. To see all the news introduced by the new update, visit the official page.

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