XCOM 2 can be played for free right now

XCOM 2 can be played for free for a week

Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you want to protect humanity from an alien invasion? Eh, you came too late. Do you want to lead a guerrilla force fighting the occupation that keeps humanity under its sprawling boot? Then you got it right.

The basic version of XCOM 2 (without a hyphen) is available for free on Steam for a whole week. The game will NOT remain yours after this promotion expires, but in a week you have time to play it very, very much. Then, you can either buy it for about 13 euros, or you can take its expansion in a package of about 29 euros.

With expansion, the game will be expanded and improved in many ways. But even without it, the XCOM 2 is diverse enough to compensate for the fact that its main operating mechanics continue to be fundamentally flawed and a complete betrayal of the original idea. That you were fighting using the same rules as the enemy who was numerically, tactically and technologically superior to you. Here the enemy must still receive a free round to stand a chance, and the alien forces are separated into small groups that you “trigger”. However, at least the stealth system still gives you the feeling that you are not playing an MMO in turns.

Anyway, the game is really good. I say this with all sincerity. I had fun in it. But I don’t recommend playing it in Iron Man Mode.

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